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Photographs from the Basic and Advanced Photography/Digital Workflow Workshop conducted at Nandhana Grand Hotel on 21-22 June 2008:

Participants thoughts about the workshop:

There was a rare learning environment that existed in the workshop with no egos that enabled a healthy debate and learning from one another. I loved the relaxed informal manner a group of total strangers went thro the workshop.

You are probably the best brand for the workshop. Its easy to transfer concepts to a set of people, but to transfer enthusiasm and passion is something commendable. That’s exactly what you did. You not only opened our minds to the concepts, shared experiences and tips but also opened our minds to the joys of photography and nature. Its this joy that would propel fence sitters of this subject to focus on this subject and get better. Your passion for the subject, infectious energy, humility and a commitment to ensure that you proactively gave each participant individual attention clearly has served as an inspiration for me to take this nascent interest of mine further.

I have rarely met a group of such diverse people who share a desire for getting better at their interest. Though I could not personally interact with all of them, I felt a sincerity and a healthy peer respect passing thro the entire group. This enhanced the learning experience. Was I lucky that I was part of a fine group or are all photography enthusiasts like this?

So far as the course content, I think pretty much what all I could have expected and more was on offer. Concepts, experiences, tips, equipment guidance, data management, software, field experiments, best practise sharing, peer learning and more. I never ever felt handicapped by the fact I was a novice when I attended the class. The best part being we can continue to pick on your knowledge bank whenever we want.

Personally for me it was a weekend well spent. Learning, meeting new people and fun.

Please inform me if you are building up on this program or introducing variants. I would love to be part of it.