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Eurasian Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nius)

  1. Upperparts are darker in colouration compared to Shikra.
  2. Prominent tail barring, underwing is more strongly barred, while uniform barring on underparts.
  3. Absence of gular stripe whould seperate it from Besra.

Adult Male told from Shikra by darker slate-grey upperpartslacking strong contrast with primaries, stronger reddish-orange barring to underparts, absence of gular stripe and more prominent tail barring.

Adult Female has dark brown upperparts, while supercilium and dark brown barrings on underparts and underwing-coverts.

Juvenile is dark brown above, with fufous fringes, underparts usually look barred, but at close range, the immature male may show streaking or spotting , but always lacks gular stripe.

Breeding April - June

Distribution Winter Visitor